Exhibition Topics

Publications at the exhibition are displayed by topic.  A great variety of topics presented at the exhibition includes the history and culture of Lithuanian Jews, Judaism, the Kabbalah, synagogues, the Holocaust, Lithuanian ghettos, the Vilna Gaon.  Other important topic groups concern Yizkor (memory) books, memoirs and diaries, the life of Jewish communities in Lithuanian towns, the history of Jews in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Jewish Vilnius.  We hope that the publications displayed at this exhibition will help the readers to immerse themselves in the unique world of the Lithuanian Jews, and to learn more about their complicated and tragic history.  

The introductory texts for each topic currently are in Lithuanian only.

Jewish culture
Vilnius the Jerusalem of Lithuania
Lithuanian synagogues
Jewish life in towns of Lithuania
Jews in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
History of the Lithuanian Jews in the 19th-20th century
Memoirs and diaries
Vilnius Ghetto
Ghettos in Lithuania
YIZKOR (memory) books
Vilna Gaon

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