After the annexation of Lithuania by the Soviet Union, the society, like all the other such organizations, was dissolved (on August 26, 1940). Until August, some naïve attempts had been made to officially continue the activity of the 27 Book Lovers, but unsuccessfully. There began repressions: Marija Urbšienė was arrested in the summer (and held in prison camps from 1940 to 1954), Kazys Bizauskas was arrested on November 20, 1940 (and executed by shooting on June 26, 1941, near Polotsk), Leopoldas Bagdonas was shot in 1941, Viktoras Cimkauskas died in 1944 in a Nazi concentration camp, Zigmas Rusteika perished in Siberia. Other members escaped to the West in 1944, while others still went into hiding.

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