Study Years: Secondary School

At the age of five and six Marytė went to kindergarten, where she learned to write and draw. When she was eight, she pleaded to let her attend a school, but she was too young. Then she on her own asked a school’s headmaster to let her come and sit in on classes just for pleasure. However, Marytė would not just go to school on a whim. She was diligent, studied well – the first in the class. At the end of the year, they made an exception and allowed her to attend the second form.  When we moved to Kaunas, Marytė entered the third form of the girls’ school “Aušra” (“Dawn”).  She did very well in school.  She studied music privately with Jadvyga Čiurlionytė, later with Alšlebėnaitė.  She excelled at playing piano.  In her sixth form, she started studying English with an actual Englishwoman. Marytė belonged to the scout association. Once she went to Denmark, to an international scout conference [...] She was not one for cinema or dancing parties.  Sometimes she would invite over friends to dance, to talk, to play some music. In a blink of an eye, she graduated.

Veronika Janulaitytė-Alseikienė, Kaunas, 1969.
(After: Marija Gimbutienė ... iš laiškų ir prisiminimų. ( Marija Gimbutas ... in Letters and Memoirs) Vilnius, 2005, p. 26)

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